Lead Generation Planning & Management Technology

In addition to the LGS system, we use LGS(A), which is equipped to develop and deliver a tactical approach that follows specific compliance guidelines of your school to precisely sift through highly optimized enrollment funnels, leading to great success.

LGS(A) integrates every component of the lead buying process and provides accurate automation based on your performance goals. The Software as a Service (SaaS) program delivers you the tools you need to successfully analyze and take advantage of your campaign data.

The technology’s approach enables your marketing team to keep its focus on strategy and execution. The unmatched versatility and adaptability allows your team to customize the program to your specific needs.

With LGS(A) your lead buyers are able to:

  • Identify qualified performance resources and optimize media budgets
  • Automate processes based on those that have a propensity for high conversion
  • Reduce overhead costs for your marketing team
  • Reduce risks in your brand and reduce compliance risk